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Basic information

  • The main goal of the Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kullenhof e.V. (i.e. Network Club) is to extend the university network to the residents of the Kullenhof dorm, thus providing them with access to the Internet.
  • All Internet and IT services in the Kullenhof dorm are provided by the Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kullenhof e.V..
  • After moving in, residents are eligible to register as a member at the machine in House 4 (Addr. No. 60) or during office hours.
  • The minimal registration fee is €20.
  • The monthly membership fee of the Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kullenhof e.V. is €6,00 including 19% VAT.
  • Connecting to the Internet is possible via Cable or WiFi. The WiFi network covers most of the living space. 
  • The maximum network speed between the dorm and the RWTH Aachen is 20GBit/s. Connecting via Cable is suggested for optimal speed.
  • If you have any issues or questions regarding the network, write a Troubleticket. In special cases we are also reachable at the E-Mail adress: netzag (at)
  • After moving out, members are exempted from the fees and removed from the mailing lists.

Next office hours

Always in House 4 (Addr. No. 60) in the NetzAG office.

The Network club consists solely of volunteers. If you have an interest in Servers, Networks, Software or finances; or simply want to get involved in the dorm, come visit us during the next office hours. The only requirement is motivation.

Machine for registration and payment

Bank details of the NetzAG

IBAN: DE85 3905 0000 1072 9542 72
Bank: Sparkasse Aachen

Reference line one: <Room No.> <Surname>
Reference line two: Mitgliedschaftsbeitrag

Example line one: 1234 Johnson
Example line two: Mitgliedschaftsbeitrag


Rules & Formalities (in German)

Latest version of the rulebook:

Datei:Satzung 2017-01-26.pdf

Latest version of the rules regarding fees:

Datei:2017 11 09 Gebuehrenordnung.pdf